1. Daryl Griffin says:

    They've been working on an HIV vaccine for 36 YEARS..still not available. What makes anyone confident there will be one soon for COVID?

  2. Caravan Donna says:

    Looks like I will be getting my AU$3,000 deposit back for my 2021 Mediterranean Cruise with NCL , yes I will be 65 by then, and there is no way I’m flying all the way from Australia to be told we have changed all your ports.

  3. Mark Collins says:

    Don here is a thought what happens if you go ashore come back to the ship and your temperature is high and your refused entry to the ship where and what do you do 😷 plus insurance companies won't insure you for Covid 19

  4. richard none says:

    Florida were i live is out of control the people are acting like there is nothing wrong while the hospitals are full. these small islands can not handle the virus i am sure many will not welcome any ships from the USA

  5. txagcol1 says:

    BTW, you are one of two of the reviewers with the accurate information and not just regurgitating the press releases of the cruise lines. Keep up the good work.

  6. txagcol1 says:

    Until there is either a vaccine, effective treatment or a quick, accurate test, you just aren't going to cruise. For me, it is less worry about the disease. I already have had it. What would scare me is being stuck in my cabin for four weeks, while they decide what to do for an outbreak.

  7. Charles V Angelo says:

    My most recent post was deleted in a minute by the ever seeing cruise god censor. Guess the cruise lines don’t like hearing the truth and the fact that what I proposed will cut into their bottom line! This proves they cannot be trusted. Boycot cruising if you value your health.

  8. Eric Bailey says:

    These are the episodes that Bruce does that drive me crazy. I love his fact based videos, but these where he just goes doom and gloom OPINION click bait dont do anyone any good.. .sorry. but hey, its YOUR channel not mine.

  9. Webster Mitchell says:

    I live in St Thomas and YES, each island DOES consider on a whim if they will allow ships, local news reports on this, US isn't reporting on this.

  10. Jane Layman says:

    So Bruce, how is it that Disney can open and we can fly and do just about anything else yet we can't cruise? This is ridiculous. There is no way we should not be cruising in 2021.

  11. R BT says:

    Wow that is a lot to digest!
    But the way things are going now,
    2021 could well be an extension of 2020.
    I really hope not🤔

  12. Ariel Grumberg says:

    A great video. A thorough analysis of what may well happen. I think that somebody like you should start tracking to see if the Contracts of Carriage are amended to further shelter cruise lines liabilities. They don't have large exposure now (except in Malta or Liberia…joking here). But they may seek to get further waivers of liability from passengers by way of the contract.
    With regards to doctors ever signing a letter saying that you are safe to cruise they simply will not. Their liability insurance companies will forbid it.
    And about Medical Travel Insurance, who will insure the COVID risk? Not many companies…and at what price if insurance is available?

  13. Kim Dahlberg says:

    Jimmy Johnson NASCAR driver tested positive, then 3 days later tested negative. Go figure. Tough to believe CDC, WHO

  14. undomiel152003 says:

    Well, given all these restrictions, and the future of the US where the majority of the states are hotspots? Who is actually going to go sailing? Most Americans have underlying conditions: obesity, hypertension, diabetes, kidneys, and to top it all; most cruises contain Floridians given that the majority of the ships are in Florida or Texas. Which are both hotspots now. To be frank, had we controlled this a bit better the cruise industry could open, but given our nonchallant approach it's a miracle if they even survive.

  15. Larry Richman says:

    Thank you for not being afraid to tell the truth, including the worst case scenarios. I'd rather hear that than some of the other cruise channels that ignore all those possibilities and talk like cruising will be back to 100% any day.

  16. Honolulu Blue says:

    Two more reasons not mentioned in the video:

    1. Cruise line may go bankrupt or be eliminated – The BK possibility has been mentioned in a couple of other comments below, but I think a phaseout is more likely for now.

    2. Ship may be sold – Carnival Corp. has been most aggressive about doing this so far, but the others may catch up.

    Keep up the good work!

  17. Paul Kearney says:

    Some speculation here, but entirely logical.
    Hard to see regulators & port authorities wanting cruise ships to return, while the cruise lines don't want to caught out.
    Imagine the headlines for the 1st outbreak on a ship when they return- the publicity would kill the industry.

  18. John M says:

    Hi Bruce,
    Princess have changed our cruise originally for October 2020 now July 2021 they then changed the number of days (3days less) less ports and different ship then only yesterday changed the ship for the third time.

  19. Bob Burns says:

    Fearmongering. Why not just state that if the virus is still bad next year, all cruising will continue to be impacted. Or not bother because that’s pretty obvious.

  20. Joe W says:

    CV19 cases are up because testing is up 40,000,000 If they tested 20,000,000 there would only be half as many case. Some of the people that tested positive only had sniffles for 3 days. CV19 is real, but this is a scam to rig the election with mail in votes, and the lying media is part of it along with China and the Democrats and other corrupt world leaders.Trump 2Q2Q.

  21. Sal Monilla says:

    This guy is so full of it! He talks like he's an expert with all inside information and he is just pulling crap out of the air. He's not only a fear monger he thinks he's a stock expert as well. Give it up Bruce, you have no idea what you are talking about.

  22. Dana Sandoval says:

    I work at the main airport in Indianapolis Indiana the only airline that I know of that is still leaving empty seats is Southwest, the rest are booking and filling the plane up completely! Of all the places that I would think it would be easy to catch and spread any illness a plane is going to be it. They are now not recirculating the same air but let’s face it you are packed in them like sardines!! This is not safe if we go by what we are being told but it seems to be ok, so what the heck is going on? At least with a cruise ship there is lots of room even when they are full you are not stuck anywhere in a small closed off area with everyone right next to each other!!

  23. Rob Cook says:

    Bruce,I'm a travel agent and love your videos but man your reaching …lol 2023 certain ships wont sail?I highly doubt that all while Disney opening today…Your thinking to much of TODAYS news and noone knows tomm news! Keep up the good videos man

  24. Charles V Angelo says:

    I would never give a cruise line a dime of my money. They are simply using your money as a no interest loan. They are not being honest with customers. They know now the restrictions that are going to be imposed for '21 and '22.

  25. peewee lewis says:

    im hoping they cancel my sept 20 departure on harmony of the seas, i just dont see a nice relaxed atmosphere as of now, fingers crossed

  26. Gilliam Simmerman says:

    This video is pure conjecture, and horribly negatiave at that. Those little island nations need the income from the tourist, and can't wait for them to come back. What BS!!!

  27. Toni A. says:

    I sincerely hope you are wrong but all of these are a real possibility☹️ Remember the good old days when all we had to worry about was the weather screwing up our cruise…..good times.

  28. Steve Chaput says:

    All clear reasons but I think that Caribbean or other ports refusing entrance might be the main reason. Shorter cruises or more sea days might be what we will see from many cruise lines. More and longer stays at private islands are another option.

  29. thejokerspeaks says:

    We're all doormats here, asking the cruise line if and when we can go on another cruise. You wouldn't or shouldn't do this in a dating relationship. It is time to flip the power, pull our deposits, and show some self-respect. If the cruise line wants a 2nd date, they can call us.

  30. David Z says:

    My question, will countries ban entry by citizenship (Passport) or country of residency? If you are a US citizen with a US Passport, but are retired and live in another country, will you be banned if the country you live in is nit on the banned list? Food for thought. I have a cruise in August out of Copenhagen.

  31. Jackson Lytal says:

    Better title ? POSSIBLE REASONS that your 2021 cruise will be cancelled….more supposition, less facts….click bait !

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