29 thoughts on “Who can journey to PHILIPPINES for Tourism?

  1. Henry Loo says:

    I love the Philippines ! It’s absolutely true that Filipinos are the friendliest and most helpful people in the world after traveling to 40 countries myself. It’s also one of the most beautiful and affordable country to visit !!

  2. P D says:

    Sorry, anyone who thinks a country 100% NORTH of the Equator is located in the SOUTH Pacific (0:37) isn’t going to be a reliable source of factual information.

  3. Terry Nielsen says:

    Hi , thank you to give optimistic hope for so many of us wanting to return to the Philippines.
    The Philippines is a actually in the North Pacific not the South as you had stated in your wonderful video

  4. Te Family Adventures says:

    Lovely channel! Keep up the great work. If you have a moment please feel free to look at my account πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ

  5. Neil Griffin says:

    So want to travel to the Philippines for two weeks vacation. In other words, arrive, quarantine for 14 days in a Manila hotel, then fly home. ha ha… Shyte hole of a country, Plastic and crap everywhere. Corrupt officials, and also dangerous in certain area's, especially Mindanao.

  6. Michael Codi Cassen's Daddy says:

    Thanks Kristin, I read that tourism will not open until the second half of 2021.And it will only be for select countries with low Covid numbers. Do you have any suggestions for a county that my Filipina girlfriend and I (USA) can both travel to that is open to both Philippines and American tourism? Preferably without a visa and the 14 day quarantine is not mandatory after you receive RT-PCR test results? Thanks in advanced.

  7. Xx X says:

    @Traveling with Kristin many western men go to Philippines looking for girls or pinoy wife. But why western women not looking Philippines men.Then there will be justice…Kristin may be it justice if you can find Philippines men in the street and married them

  8. summer's winter says:

    i visited phili. last jan…it was great so i bought a ticket for this jan…i get the feeling i won't be going this jan πŸ™

  9. Scar Star says:

    I have long term visa as 9 G visa with immigration blue card and they told me still not yet allowed .Can you please if you have a contact there to ask for sure if 9 G visa as employment visa with immigration blue card is it allowed or not . I just came from Philippines 2months ago and I wanna back to Philippines.

  10. BurnHeartReviews says:

    I love the Philippines. No place has been more warmhearted. By the way I remember you mentioned having twitch. What is your twitch name if I may ask

  11. Jasmin Mesina says:

    Hi Kristin, I’m listening to your Podcast Trailer and I love your mission! BTW, I’m from the Philippines and a freelancer for more than 2 years now. I’m planning to become a Digital Nomad next year when everything gets back to normal. I also want to encourage people to work remotely. I hope to see you soon! πŸ€—

  12. She Kissed The Prince says:

    Thank you so very much for this video! I am deeply in love with a woman from The Philippines and I also wanna marry her there! If I have anymore questions?! I'll ask you!

  13. Robert Yong says:

    Hi Kristin, I am going to take a risk going in Philippines but going to get every preempt requirements. What is your thought about deny entry or not?

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