1. Augustus Wright says:

    Let this soak in: Parents in Wisconsin sent their kids to school knowing these same kids had tested positive for Covid. Why? Because these folks are convinced Covid is a hoax. Think these parents don't go cruising? Willing to bet your life on it? So consider this: how does anyone design a system to account for people who willfully don't abide by rules because they think it's all a joke.

  2. ElFederal01 says:

    Once people are on the ship I guarantee you THEY WILL NOT follow the rules. No way for me or my family I cant risk being around idiots and morons.

  3. Gary Zimmerman says:

    COVID-19 testing too many types of testing with many false positives! Need a proven universal test with very low false positives. Otherwise take your chances…

  4. Sherry Haines says:

    There are a lot of FALSE Positive results when testing. I would be reluctant to have a test before I sail because of that reason.

  5. Cheryl Jones says:

    I had a cruise planned for November 7, 2020 on Carnival Panorama… but just like you said Bruce, at this point I'm DEFINITELY planning on "waiting it out", and I'm not even considered to be a "senior"- I'm in my late 40's! lol 😉 Its just too much uncertainty at this point… I want to "watch & wait" to make SURE things are running smoothly first, once cruises resume!!!

  6. Brian Cotton says:

    I too enjoy cruising. My next cruise was to be from Cape Town to the U.K. The final leg of a 100-odd night Round The World cruise that started in the U.K. and first port of call Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Heaven knows how many cases of Covid will be identified on the voyage and I believe the crew will be just as likely to bring it with them from the Indian Sub-Continent when they sign on as crew members. I understand the problems the cruise lines are going through and whilst I agree that they will probably increase the fares and on board charges, I would be more likely to spend my hard earned pennies if they actually reduced their fares and would probably slip in another cruise. I have never understood why we have to pay U.S. Dollars 11 per voyage day per member of a party, to the crew just to give them a tip. Surely they are given sufficient renumeration by the Shipping Company to provide the service that maintains their reputation. I believe this is the attitude in the Far East, yet Oriental restaurants add or expect a ‘service charge’ to boost their staff’s earnings.

    I feel it is going to be a long while, possibly well into late 2022 before we can cruise with the confidence that not only is it that the passengers who are free of the virus, but also the crew. After all, the crew are all accommodated in the lowest decks. If a Covid breakout occurs in their quarters there could be a breakout throughout the ship and I can envisage the ship will not be allowed into the nearest port, but will have to turn back to her home port which could be 10 days away at full speed, by which time hundreds of people, both crew and passengers could be infected. The old adage IF IN DOUBT, CHICKEN OUT applies here.

  7. Dan White says:

    I don't think the surprises will be pleasant. For example, we don't really know how we will use elevators. Surely they won't be able to pack elevators and so there will be lines to use the elevators at certain times, like around meal times. I worry about elevators more than anything because I have not heard a solution yet.

  8. Keith Michael Rau says:

    If things don't improve by say April, I'm canceling my November 2021 cruise.

    I will be damned if I'm going to spend over $7,000, to feel like I'm in a scene from Outbreak.

    Not gonna do that….

  9. Kenneth Medley says:

    These reasons are all your reasons. I’m currently in Cancun Mexico. Thousands of Americans down here vacationing now. Guess what? We flew here. People will fly people will wear mask people do what they have to do to cruise. Just like they are doing what they have to vacation in other countries.

  10. bessamemucho says:

    Only new generation born and grown up in "new normal" time will be taking cruises under new rules and accept new procedures. Because they wouldn't now how it was before.

  11. Poor Wotan says:

    Having seen the vlogs from cruises in Europe, sign me up. I would accept a pre-cruise test plus even a second one at the port. At reduced capacities it should be ok. Biggest problem I have is the flights; they are packing them and that boils back down to the point of passengers not trusting other passengers… So I would be ok with the double test I mentioned on home port cruising (which not everyone has access to though).

  12. Adrian Jenkins says:

    What about the prospect of having to go on cruise ship excursions if you get off at ports? I would have thought that was a major 'deal breaker' for many.

  13. surreyarborist says:

    My dad saw action on a royal navy destroyer in W W 2 he said that was real fear at sea. Check out the website of HMS Relentless

  14. Thomas Benjamin says:

    Sadly our politics are calling for "FREEDOM". I will not wear a mask period. Your taking my rights aways. Unfortunately the percentage of non understanding people cruise.🙃

  15. Donna Schuepbach says:

    I think all your points are valid. I do think the cruise lines AT FIRST will absolutely adhere to the rules. I've been on over 25 carnival cruises so I've seen many arrests and the person being confined to their cabin (with a guard sitting outside their door).

  16. Mike Carter says:

    "What, me worry?" – Alfred E. Neuman. Yeah, and a freakin' meteor could hit the ship or you could drown in sewage or a drunken Captain could decide to go closer to shore to say "hi" to his buddies. Now where did I put my antidepressants?

  17. The People's Republic of San Francisco says:

    Just imagine you show up at the port and the Cruise behind us gets an 😷 outbreak? NO ONE will feel sorry for us while we hold our luggage 🧳 and our Negative Result Test in hand. With no Ship 🚢 to jump on

  18. Jiminy Cricketer says:

    Another problem is the issue of deposit return or the return of thousands in full payment. I'd say any cruises booked for next summer may not go because of bankruptcy. Who knows how deposits and payments will be handled in that case? Cruise stocks are tanking maybe the market knows something. There are too many negatives to cruise until clarity.

  19. Duke of Kool says:

    I don't mind extra precautions like more hand washing and having temperature taken but, when it comes to socialist distancing and useless masks, I'll just wait until we get back to the REAL normal before cruising again.

  20. alex rowlands says:

    Bruce.. OMG common sense. All you say will apply to the sensible passengers. Cruising is expensive, discretionary. Why would we do it if its not the same experience yet we have to pay a fortune to go. I love cruising, but will not do it until there are treatments, vaccines etc and the disease is no worse then the flu, or any contagious condition. Of course the cruise lines want us to start too soon, all countries are facing this dilemma, but no not me. Let the Americans who listen to their president offer themselves as Tribute 🤣. 🇬🇧

  21. Edgardo Javier Rodriguez Baez says:

    If there are no protocols…I won’t cruise.
    because I may get sick.
    But if there are protocols, I won’t have my lovely freedom.

    What a negative vision of life you have!

  22. Andrew Madden says:

    So basically you are saying is that people are stupid. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cruise or a bus. Your issues are almost all the same anywhere. Until people all have vaccines you are saying no one should cruise.

  23. Kirk Brunson says:

    I understand that there are a lot of changes and I expected that. I live in NYC and I'm ready to cruise tests or no tests. Just waiting on the deals and prices.

  24. Stef K says:

    The only way I won't go is if I am forced to reserve spots for every second of my day (for example, reserve pool time slots, buffet time slots etc.)

  25. Jessica M. Bell says:

    Don't think I can disagree with much of what you said. It's a lot to think about, especially monetary wise and obligation wise like you mentioned.

  26. Marty Finver says:

    You are so right about everything you mentioned. Also Florida would have to be eliminated as a starting point because there are to many cases and just transiting there would be dangerous. I live there stay in isolation was stuck on Pacific princess and have more days than almost anybody

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