29 thoughts on “This Isn't CGI! It's India! (Kavaratti, Lakshadweep)

  1. Santosh Praveen says:

    This UT of India has got all potential to surpass Maldives as holiday destination…. Hopefully atleast after 73yrs in Independence the Govt of India infuses substantial investment here to boost tourism, adventure sports n resorts on lines of Maldives, Hawaii.
    If anyone knows about any ongoing developmental projects pls share the links / data here. Thanks.

  2. Abdul Khatib says:

    I named some incredible places in India…
    1)Spiti(Himachal Pradesh)-mountain,snow,valley,cold..
    2)Bangaram(Lakshwadweep)-greenary,same like Maldives)
    3)Panaji(goa)- riverine landscape mixed with sea in india
    4)Jaisalmer(Rajasthan)-hot,desert,and Indian culture…
    5)Baratang(Andaman)-lime stone caves with karst landscapes of india…
    6)Little Andaman (Andaman)-tropical rainforest and cool place in india…
    7)Rammakalmedu(Kerala)- windiest city in India
    8)Gurugram(haryana)- high infrastructural man made developmental city in india
    9)Kudremukh(Karnataka)-ridge green mountain in India
    10)saurastra (gujarat)-stack in sea landscape of India…
    11)kanyakumari(tamilnadu)- headland surface in india..and where three sea meet
    12)Brahmaputra valley(Assam)- most flooded and billabong areas of India…
    13)mutha river(Maharashtra)- once marijuana was grown in India the most and riverbed place in India
    14)chandertal lake(himachal pradesh)-oasis place in India
    15)Gadikallu(Karnataka)- ilsenberg place of India
    16)Kudremukh(Karnataka)-grassland plains of India
    17)Yumthang(Sikkim) hot spring place of India
    18)Chandertal(Himachal Pradesh)- wetland place in india…
    19) dras(Kashmir)-second coldest inhabited place on earth(best during winter months)
    20)phalodi(Rajasthan)-hottest place in India(best during summer months
    21)mawsynram(meghalaya)- top 1 highest recorded rainfall places on earth
    22)cheerapunji(meghalaya)-top 2 highest recorded rainfall places on earth
    23)yumthang (Sikkim)(snowiest place in India
    I think I covered all landscapes and landforms and weather in India enjoy your travel )

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