34 thoughts on “The Maldives Is Open | Luxurious Journey Or Funds ? Sequence (Trailer) 2020 马尔代夫

  1. b17t29w02 says:

    Hi Alex! Could you please share how you were able to obtain a new Visa for entering China now? I’m an overseas Chinese been waiting for months to go back for my son to start school there but China has closed boarders to foreigners since late March. Would greatly appreciate your help!

  2. Yiani Zhang says:

    My dear fellow chinese, overseas or mainlanders….enjoy your visit to this island paradise but remember to respect the local culture and heritage. Please refrain from littering and spitting hahaha…enjoy!!:)

  3. Randy Dergantz says:

    I’m a bit late here watching this video, but am very much looking forward to seeing all your future presentations on the Maldives! As with Chongqing, I’m quite sure you will do an absolutely positive job presenting us all the facts! Thanks much!

  4. Peter Freeman says:

    Hi Alex, I said to Michele Ponté he should do a series in the Maldives after doing something very similar to you on our honeymoon last year. My wife and I spent a week in a 5 star resort after spending a week on a local island. We loved our time there, the people were so amazing and really made us feel welcome. We travelled with our 6 month old daughter back then and every person we met had a smile on their face and were so good with Violet. We were supposed to be returning in April this year with our son to show him how amazing the Maldives are but unfortunately due to Covid-19 that didn’t happen. This time we were supposed to be spending just three nights in a resort and the remaining time of two different local Islands as well as a week in Sri Lanka. I’m looking forward to watching your series as one day we will do the trip we planned but for now it is on hold. When will the first episode be out?

  5. Donnie Wood says:

    I have been told this adventure Island is one to explore from others who have traveled there from here in Regina this series of video s sound interesting thanks again for your blog all the best regards to you Both from Donnie in Regina😄

  6. Ken Wigger says:

    Alex, you are giving me another place to visit on my Bucket List. I already have CQ, Rome, & Bangkok on the list so why not add another one! I enjoyed the earlier Maldives resort videos that you have already made available. Just wish the travel situation improves so we can at least meet someday in one of these locations! 🙂

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