27 thoughts on “Sydney, Australia Journey Information

  1. Shuaiwen Leon Song says:

    Americans should stop the narratives about casts away and prisoners. It is kind of hilarious how bad America is today.

  2. Erin Rice says:

    Go to O Bar on level 47 of Australia Square instead of Sydney Eye. Use that $27 to get a couple of drinks instead in the bar and get your money's worth! Just be sure to dress smart casual as there's a dress code.

  3. Evan KIM says:

    That city was beautiful city to me absolutely, I felt tickled pink when I visited that place. Also Always I recommend to be take a trip to my friends. Definitely I will visit sydney many times and would like to live there , visit again when covid to be disappear ,period.

  4. Adrienne Hunt says:

    Mrs Macquarie's Chair is the name most locals use. Due to the fact that the wife of Governor Lachland Macquarie, Governor of NSW 1810-1821, was said to sit on the Convict hand-carved sandstone rock seat and watch for ships from England. A beautiful part of The Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney. Great views of Sydney Harbour.

  5. Adrienne Hunt says:

    Yes, Bondi Beach can get crowded because it's in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. If you want uncrowded, far larger beaches you need to visit The Northern Beaches of Sydney, or travel out of Sydney to either the South or North Coast. It's well worth it, believe me.

  6. Adrienne Hunt says:

    The Sydney Eye Tower tour guide needed text on screen to "translate" Aussie English!!! I've never needed sub-text on my video calls to an old American girlfriend who attended an all girls school here in Sydney, but then she did live here for over 2 years so guess she can speak Aussie 🤣😂

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