1. Michael M. says:

    awesome video. thank you for sharing!! I may be planning a trip there in August or September for a few months until philippines opens back up. what area do you recomend to stay that is safe for an American traveling solo. Appreciate and help on that. Will probably do Airbnb while there. Thanks again 🙂

  2. Aruma Puduma Ape Lokaya says:


    👈මේ ලිනක්
    එකට ගිහින් පොඩි ලයික් එකක්
    දාලා👍.කැමති නම් සබ් එකක්
    දෙන්න 🙏🙏🙏

  3. DIV AND BENNY says:

    Sri Lanka was the first country that my girlfriend and I traveled to and it is the reason we travel as much as possible now
    I think it will always be my favourite country because it was the place that opened our eyes to the fact that the world is full of different and wonderful cultures.

  4. Loagz Beatz says:

    Cool video glad I found u guys from Gabriel 😎 my wife and I are going to start doing this thanks to you guys and everyone encouraging us with these videos! 💕✌🏼👌🏼😇

  5. Beve Travels says:

    We have just started uploading some of our own travel videos, one from Sri lanka too! Take a quick look if you have the time! Hugely appreciated!!!

  6. Momo Kaci says:

    Hello there, i really like your videos. im planning to go to Sri Lanka, i like the beach on your video, can you please tell me what is exactly the beach name at the 6.20? this clear water is amazing.

  7. Shana Gohl says:

    How did you book the private van? We are trying to get from Galle to udawallawe but the private taxis are too expensive and I don’t want to take the bus.

  8. aruna mahendra dissanayake says:

    Srilanka is a country with very beautiful attractions. But one dark side of the roadways is huge number of traffic accidents.
    Srilanka has world worst drivers. No road safety at all. Reckless driving is permitted. Bus and trucks speeding more than safe limits. Police never intervene to save pedestrians lives. No of road accident mortality rate more than 3300 per year. Who lost lives and their love once never compensated by insurance. Don't travel there at least your live will be saved.

  9. Wasan Pinyo says:

    Find it strange that every restaurants we went to they added 10% service charge to the bill. It’s not much anyway but would rather tip to the staff directly so they can keep it.

  10. David Godfrey says:

    I am looking forward to going, but have been ripped off by srilankvisa.net when trying to obtain a visa. DON’T USE THIS COMPANY, they overcharge big time and steal your money when you have paid but withdraw from using their service.
    It is much easier to go straight to the government site evisa@sltidc.lk and no service fees.

  11. Fitness Knowledge says:

    Sri lanka is a shit place the prices are the same as Australia. Wish i never wasted my money. Don't go better places in the world.

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