41 thoughts on “Sopot Journey Information | Day Journey from Gdansk, Poland

  1. Arie's Kraków and Poland Experience says:

    Świetne wideo. Mam kanał, który warto odwiedzić o nazwie „Arie's Kraków and Poland Experience”. Spójrz i ciesz się

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  2. Greg Upton says:

    Annoying clip. You haven't shown very much of Sopot at all, just a few of the activities you got up to during your visit. Wish I hadn't wasted my time watching this… Well, up to the point where I turned it off…

  3. Peter Edwards says:

    I was there last week (May 19)beautiful place well worth a visit. I understand the sea gets quite warm in late summer.

  4. Royal Deer says:

    Looking for going to Gdanks for 4 months by Erasmus. Would you prefer it? I am in between with Gdansk and Zagreb and couldn't decide which city to go

  5. Aleksander Pski says:

    na początku machali biletami bez stempla (data i godzina wyjazdu) w razie kontroli to kosztuje 100 PLN.Często spotykam takich turystów którzy nie zwracaja na informacje na bilecie i szybie kasy biletowej i tlumaczę co powinni zrobić.

  6. Horseng Se says:

    I went there during a national holiday. There were a lot of people and food stores. I remember tasting pierogi with seafood. Nice trip in tricity.

  7. Yake Osicki says:

    hahahaha Those guys from the contest looked awful, didn't they? This is sick. This is their color, as jaundice is past due. 🙂

  8. lektorlondon says:

    That meal was made from frozen weg mix (soup) and main course weg, the chop was not freshly fried but heated.


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