42 thoughts on “Royal Caribbean Says No Sail Order Could Finish This Week – Cruise Ship Information

  1. John thephoneguy says:

    I think as the virus mutates and such science is still a bit behind from a conclusive standpoint and how it moves spreads and the % of risk for each scenario. I truly believe what we learn from this with help us all live healthier lives and really understand that we have the tools and knowledge to deal with the next whatever as we know something WILL happen.

  2. Tom DeLuca says:

    Thanks for the news as always don i truly hope that we can start going to different places and i truly hope we can all enjoy a nice vacation

  3. jill wozhere says:

    Being forced to wear a face mask on vacation doesn't sound like a vacation… I didn't want to have to cancel, but that will be the straw that broke the camel's back.

  4. digital0785 says:

    Ummm whats that mean for sailing that was cancelled st the end of the original ? Because my ass is getting on my cruise nov 20th if i can lol

  5. Brian Molenaar says:

    I'm not sure who from the CDC provided that information. There is a significant number of Covid infections in 33 states, and the total number of cases in the US topped 8 million this week.

  6. Bon Voyage says:

    I think that’s great news. I’m glad to hear it. There’s way more open space on a ship than a plane!! Looking forward to cruising!!🚢🚢🎉🎉

  7. MrWiganDave says:

    Unfortunately I predict that next week you’ll be making a video about the pause in cruising in Europe. The cases in Italy and Germany are on the rise again. Only a matter of time before we see cases on Costa, MSC and Aida ships.

  8. Bob Burns says:

    Re: airplane safety, the % you mentioned is if everyone stays in the seats. No getting up to go to the bathroom, moving around. They said it was a limited test. Obviously people will move around, obviating a good part of the results.

  9. Tybalt Tangredi says:

    The best scenario for cruises to restart is A: preboard testing and B: "Only" sail to the ships private islands. Y doesn't Don ever mention that. Obviously if cruises stop at public ports, of course the probability is greater for contracting the virus. Tons of people all over on excursions and touring…c'mon now

  10. Julio Ojeda says:

    Thanks for all these updates bro. Your my go to channel right now for cruise news opening. Hopefully its soon i think we are all ready to get some type of plan in motion.

  11. Eugeniu Petrescu says:

    Funny and ironic, the planes are allowed full capacity, but ships will have probably 50/60 % and they are still punished. Sad that thousands are USC( ports) employees are jobless. Not to mentions the rest of the world wher one person sustain and support other five for living! I don't see the big CEO's in pain. They scrap some ships and fired thousands. Money are big in pandemic, they win anyway!

  12. ILC 1234 says:

    I cancelled my 3 cruises and sold my cruise stocks. I'll never spend a penny unless things get back to normal and if they don't, oh well. ELECTION INFECTION SCAMDEMIC 2020. Masks are nothing but bacteria cesspools of filth. Next time you go to the dentist, before he puts his hands in your mouth, ask him to scratch his nose and mouth first🥴

  13. memelissa2 says:

    Wait a minute.. they've been saying all along that wearing a mask does not protect you from other people, it only protects them from you. Isn't that convenient.

  14. NoWahala NoWahala says:

    Election ploy. They better call Bidens transition team before making plans. Biden will lean towards science. Not TA scientists.

  15. SINternet Entertainment says:

    2:41 i seen this today and was like OK whatever I’ve never been on a plane I can actually get away from the people around me but I’ve been on a cruise ship that I could be far far away from people.

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