28 thoughts on “Royal Caribbean 's First Ship Units Sail – Cruise Ship Information

  1. Justin Meimberg says:

    We had a sail date for 2/28/20 with royal for the oasis of the seas… we were cancelled due to the cdc extension into december. They decided to make their own call and cancel out to march of 2021 heres the email with pertinent information

    "Dear Guest,
    We hope that this email finds you healthy and safe. As you know, the current situation has been, and still is, quite fluid. The CDC’s Conditional Sailing Order is a positive step for the cruising industry, and we are anxious to welcome guests back onboard. We recently extended our global suspension through December 31st, 2020, excluding sailings onboard Quantum of the Seas, to ensure we have ample time to focus on our healthy return to service initiatives. However, in order to allow additional time for our preparation, we’ve decided to further extend our global suspension through February 28th, 2021 for most of our fleet, along with our Australian season through April 30th, 2021. While we are excluding our newly deployed Singapore sailings and select sailings onboard Spectrum of the Seas from this suspension, our plan is to resume our broader global operations on March 1st, 2021. As a result, your sailing will unfortunately be cancelled."

  2. e i says:

    This is the stupidest time of the year to try to start sailing. Wait a few months otherwise they will be locked down and restricted until next summer .

  3. Peter Grannell says:

    We irn England are starting vacations early next week so hopefully we'll will be back cruising soon so hopefully all will return

  4. Michael Lee says:

    I would say go and read the Johns Hopkins' report where there hasn't been an increase on deaths due strictly to Covid, but of course they took it down. We can't have articles debunking our narrative can we? Of course with science we can't take into account data that would conflict with our narrative can we. Oh and if you really think they took that article down, because the data in the study was wrong I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. Oh and if you think government is truly there to help you, and not enrich their own lives I have a second bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    With Singapore they actually worked with the cruise industry unlike the CDC. That is the difference. Not just science.

  5. Chide Brown says:

    Singapore had 30 Covid deaths

    Apples and oranges.

    If they are just going now w 30 Covid Deaths, the USA will be ready by 2064

  6. Rick Gorajewski says:

    All it will take is 1 or 2 Covid cases on these early sailings and the entire industry will be set back BIG time.

  7. Tony Oostendorp says:

    Sorry to say fellow cruisers….there wont be regular cruises for quite some time.This cruise is a trial and a baby step.With the cdc to give the final ok , its not going to be easy

  8. Ray Mullen says:

    One half Said's HEY that's GREAT for Singapor ,,,
    But the other Half Said's HEY WHAT ABOUT US……..
    over here????
    Maybe the CDC can take a page or 1000 from there
    J&R Nags Head

  9. DONI KUSUMA says:

    Hello everyone allow me introduce my self to all of you guys my name is doni i'm from Indonesia to be honest i have apply for work at cruise ship exactly princess Cruise ship, i have been waiting for 11 months but until now i am not yet get clear explanation about news update from situation and condition now my feeling is confuse and bored maybe nearly stressful,i always ask my self when this pandemic end up?i want to the world back to normal like before pandemic and also i hope vaccine be able prevent from infection this is very important for us , luckily i work at Gran Melia hotel Jakarta actually work at cruise ship one of my dream because i can see the world and meet people from other country even though far away from my family my wife and my children but that's alright i work for them for better future and life,i hope next year i can work at princess Cruise ship

  10. KnowledgeApplied says:

    1:22 Social distancing is totally traceable (unlike testing and mandatory shelter in place requirements…. way to go RC !!

    Things won't be going back to their normal, pre-covid levels of life for awhile… best to be cautious as ever, now, until the situatuon is under control.

  11. Michael Lee says:

    It has always been about control. The beurucrats dispised being told what to do, so they put up obstacles, so they get their way while complying with their boss. The CDC also has a bias against the cruise industry, so that also explains the slow walking. As I said it all comes down to control, and the rush it gives some people.

  12. Gail Young says:

    If the CDC is for America what does that tell you they don't even like their selves so this is what they do they tried to screw everybody and don't want to work with nobody

  13. Miguel195211 says:

    Who wants to cruise with all these protocols: masks, social distancing, testing before, during and after, limited buffet, crew giving passengers orders don't do this, do that, etc. No thanks, I will wait to cruise when all this is over.

  14. Robin says:

    SIngapore lowered the positives by using a different test approach, not because they were locked down. I do business over there.

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