15 thoughts on “Prime 10 Lovely American Fall Locations

  1. MojoTravels says:

    We're obviously aware of and deeply concerned about the global pandemic, and are choosing carefully what to publish as forms of escapism and entertainment to help ease thoughts of anxiety, and provide an alternative from the news. We are obviously NOT encouraging anyone to travel now or discouraging social distancing.
    Are you ready for fall?

  2. Fulgur Nibibus says:

    Great video! Will love to see travel to these places! The only comment I’ll make is 1:56 is not New Hampshire, it’s the view from Whiteface Mountain in the Adirondacks, New York.

  3. Donald Chavis says:

    I can 100% agree with number one, Virginia is so beautiful in the fall and so much to see and do. Charlottesville is my favorite place to be in the fall

  4. Rodney Voshell says:

    Autumn is my favorite but unfortunately I live in the southwest where it doesn’t know how to rain and can’t get below 100 degrees. Crazy weather out here.

  5. The ChubbyMonkey says:

    Amazing destinations. Thank you 🙏🏻. I’m preparing for my Fall foliage chasing. Please check out Phuong_fotos on IG and drop a line if you wish, all is welcome :))

  6. Tegan's Animal Guides says:

    Autumn is lovely. As a Canadian living two hours out of Banff, I have nothing better to do then enjoy the colors and weather.

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