1. eva berja says:

    Im filipino born and have gained a British Citizenship i am single
    I live on my own here in UK can i enter the Phils visa free

  2. Philly in one butuan Philippine says:

    Can I travel up to the Philippines I’m a UK citizen UK passport only I intend to get married to my Filipino girlfriend we’ve been trying to get married since May last year How soon do you think I’ll be able to enter the Philippines to get married How soon do you think I’ll be able to enter so I can get married

  3. FilupinOne Arts says:

    So pwede makauwi sa pinas na mag isa as long as you were former Pinoy, basta dala molang yun Old Philippine Passport, Birth Certificate, saka yung Marraige Certificate na nagpapatunay na Pinoy ka at pinanganak sa pinas???.. salamat

  4. Manuel Padama says:

    Sorry to say your explaination is so vague because you are talking with families but you dont mention that you can avail the balikbayan visa if you travel alone, pls clarify further, thanks

  5. Ivy Manuel says:

    Paki linaw po
    Allowed na mag enter ang foreign national if he or she is a former filipino itizen?
    E paano kung wala sya anak o asawa sa pinas allowed pa din ba sya magapply for visa?

  6. Steph23lovesuju says:

    How about po yung immigrant dito sa US,balak ko po kasi umuwi immigrant po Ako kaya yung passport ko Philippine passport padin papasukin po kaya Ako?nasa pinas kasi ang asawa At mga anak Ko kaya uuwi ako. Thank you

  7. Jihad Alrawagha says:

    Ate Jennifer, can I enter the Philippines alone after Dec 7th without a visa as a natural-born Filipino but I don't have a Filipino passport only a foreign passport that is not one of the restricted countries? I was born in the Philippines and my mother is a Filipina since birth until now πŸ™‚

  8. James Adventures near & far Philippines says:

    Guess this cost me a 5 year long relationship. Last there a year ago and most likely it will be the end of 2022 before anyone not married to a filipina or didn't get citizenship of Philippines. No woman there will wait 3 years to see you again πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ

  9. gloria sarmiento says:

    I'm us citizen now but used to be filipino, in my case how long I'm allowed to stay in the Philippines and am I part of this visa free privilege …. thanks a lot

  10. Justin Mien says:

    I am a naturalized us citizen but born in the Philippines and holding a US passport, am I allowed to enter? What are the requirements upon arrival? I know I still have my birth certificate and expired/old Philippines passport.

  11. Rea Odulio says:

    Hi mam. I always watch your vlogs. And it really help me a lot. I just wanna ask lng po. I have american boyfriend tpos may baby po kme. Balak po nmin umuwi after dec.7. Allowed po ba ang boyfriend ko which is the father of my baby.maka pasok ng pinas.?di po kme kasal .sana po masagot nyo po ang question ko mam maraming salamat po

  12. Aikha. Khay Mhendez says:

    Mam maka uwi kaya ang asawa ko mam na japanese mam jasama ako uuwi sa pinas qmong kailangan mam para maka uwi sa pibas kami mam

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