1. billy badfinger says:

    It is possible that prices and fees for tourists could go DOWN…if the managers decide on a
    "lower prices mean more customers" approach…lower mark-ups but more customers can achieve the same total # of pesos into the economy…and let's face it…one of the appeals of the Phills as a travel destination is low prices once you are "on the ground"…Phills isn't a destination for uber wealthy travelers like London or Paris or New York…the Tourist Council needs to recognize who their customer is and make decisions that will bring them back…
    Just my 2 cents 🙂

  2. dark azurr says:

    Sorry on my lunch break at work, didnt have time to watch the whole video. My wife and kids are in the philippines. Im working in england . Is there still restrictions for foreigners . Not sure when i can back over to see them .

  3. TanduayDancer says:

    I think the government has forgot. how important tourism is to this country's economy. and the only way to get here is by Aeroplanes. And they are now going bankrupt. So the few airlines that will survive will be limited and more expensive .Yes fair enough have Sensible restrictions BUT keep it working. It will end up like years. ago when the Philippines was a. luxury destination only available to the rich.

  4. Jane Dudynsky says:

    Hi Rod. If people don't throw garbage on the street, street floods will be controlled. Covid case are going up here again in the states.

  5. Greggy P says:

    The LTO video, without posting specific links, but here is the title of the ladies in their blue suits, look it up on YouTube: Viral: 'It Really Hurts' dance challenge ng LTO | NXT
    There were several other videos, mostly by TV stations (I think) (it was all in Tagalog).

  6. Anonymous says:

    Philippines is mirroring China's way of life, Agenda 21, is under cover of Covid/ CV19 is a total fraud!


  7. Jade Ramirez says:

    My brother ended up staying in a pension house for 22 days .I am not sure if that's how you call it. The first swab result they told him that showed infection but they didn't mentioned that he has the virus. Later the nurse messaged or texted him saying that his test is negative. But they will swab test him again or do the fastest way of testing and make the result appear negative. This message is very confusing when they already said he tested negative. My brother was furious and so was I. Around this time, he's been there for 22 days. I was going to call the president's hotline to report it. I have the proof of the messages from the nurse telling my brother what the doctor said to her and what she's supposed to say to my brother. I know corruption still exists in the Philippines but I can't believe it that they are so bold and not afraid… Please stop your corruption.

  8. Daddybob says:

    Followed you right through on this video Rod, absolutely great informative video and well researched narration, all done in your own time and basically at your own expense. Well done young man.

  9. Jade Ramirez says:

    Filipinos attitude sadly would not care to clean up their town without being paid. It's an unfortunate culture that every little thing they do now, they have to get paid. Where is the pride here? In Mexico for example, they are being hit by a typhoon or a storm all the time, but the people don't wait for the government to tell them to help to clean up or pay people to clean up. They care about their country. Do let's learn from them…😍

  10. Daddybob says:

    Years back we often times stayed at Mango Park Hotel, and we walked on Mango Ave, in the area depicted at the beginning of your
    video, past those little shops. Whew, i have never seen the street there like that before, its a mess. Regards, Bob.

  11. Jeff Lamb says:

    I don't have much hope for Philippines. Now that the Government is involved , They will F%$#@ things Up Royaly. They want to tell travelers where they can and can not go, track everyone and make people get a permit to go anywhere in the Country. I will Guarantee, The more mindless B.S. they come up with, The fewer people will come.

  12. Living in the Pacific says:

    That single piece of information @5:00 should be of great concern to many ex-pat seniors. Personally, me being at age 66, it scares me to think that the Philippine Govm't could simply erase the enjoyment of our golden years. It might behove many future retirees to take another look at living here under these draconian rules. I refuse to live out the rest of my life handcuffed, so to speak.

  13. James Chambers says:

    I live in Angeles City in the Philippines and its very different from Cebu. Virtually everything is open here but bars. We can freely go out. Malls and all restaurants open here. Everything is pretty much back to normal here with the exception wearing masks and face shields when out.

  14. jlmarc01 says:

    Being told now that doctors taking care of patients and patients not paying their bills, area reported as Covid-19 positives so that government pay the doctor's bill (DAVAO AREA)

  15. Donald Gors says:

    When Governments impose regulation beyond normal expectations Government must take on All Costs … A positive test does not mean you are contagious or a threat to anyone (a bodies immune system is what regulates how one handles any bacteria, virus etc. is what societies must learn how to improve) … a medicine may help a shot may help ..what you do is really what helps most .. The areas the hardest hit are of age , more health issues, and a diet based on Grains , Wheat Barley Rye Oats, those whose diet is Rice and Sweet Potatoes are the societies or populations which do best ! No one is teachiing people how to go about improving your immune system … a Virus is a Virus ..once we know who is highest risk then open up move forward …Tiawan Japan do not do tests ..if you feel sick then go to doctors until then do life as normal just like Flu, Colds etc. This is really not any different ! Gluten stops bodies ability to absorb ..what you put into it !! Health starts there .. then No Oils Stop Using Oils ..Use natural dairy products , No Wheat Barley Rye Oats … swtich to Rice and Sweet Potatoes .. All disease is based on low level of nutrition (Vitamins 16 Fatty Acids 2-3 Amino Acids 12 Minerals 60 ..this is the basic fuel the body needs everyday to help it stay most healthy ..Supports the Bodies Natual Building Blocks !

  16. Paul Sharpe says:

    Hi me again,speaking of immigration ,would you know why the council in BGC are failing everyone who takes the IELTS english test? To me it's just a way of scamming money from us foreigners,My wife speaks perfectly good english and they failed all ten on the same day as my wife took her test.Its totally outrageous,I heared that one guy from the uk his fiance has been denied 11 times and they do not give an explanation as to why you failed,I have tried everything to find out but now I dont know who to contact to get to the root of this.Any help would be much appreciated cheers Paul UK.

  17. JJ Hoffman says:

    Excellent video, as usual. We are still stuck in Malaysia. They implemented an even stricter lockdown here two days ago. They closed schools again and restricted travel. No complaining here, many are worse off. The owner of a restaurant across from us said business is so bad she wants to cry, but no more tears. Her employees are working for food only… We came here from Cebu for a 5 day trip in March, who knows when we can come back. My wife's father was hospitalized in Cebu with Covid, but was discharged after 10 days. You just never know what life will bring you.

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