37 thoughts on “Philippine Journey Replace: 5 international locations added to the ban, Is the UK Covid Variant within the Philippines?

  1. Music 4 You says:

    Videos are coming too late.. and please give details about tourist visa because Dubai still allows tourist and Thailand and many other countries are already opening the tourist visa and Philippines is still killing their economy.. 😔 I wanna visit there before 6Feb

  2. No Limits says:

    Another important point, if Filipinos can enter from those 33 banned countries and do a strict 15 day Quarantine, WHY can't Foreigners get the same treatment, after all they have to pay anyway???
    There is NO difference, we are all human beings!!!

  3. thefirecomet says:

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  4. No Limits says:

    It makes no sense at all, Foreigners from 33 countries are NOT allowed in the Philippines, BUT Philippine Nationals are allowed from those 33 countries??? Are the Philippine citizens IMMUNE to the covid variant and Foreigners are CONTAGIOUS ???? The government can't allow one but not the other, this BAN is totally ridiculous!!!!

  5. Thomas Miller says:

    I am Dual Citizen from Maryland,USA planning to go home via Dubai,UAE.
    I will follow travel protocol implemented by UAE…I will stay in Dubai for 15 days before going home to Philippines.Am I mandated to complete the 14 day quarantine since UAE is not included or I just need the RT-PCR test then go home if negative?Thanks!

  6. Christine Joy Galagar says:

    Hello po paano po pag covid vaccinated person galing UAE na gustong mag bakasyon sa Pinas.pwede po ba kayo makagawa ng vedio kung ano ang mga proseso at makakabalik ba ng maayos abroad ulit. Also about kung mag quaquarantine pa din po ba? Salamat po

  7. Alejandro P says:

    2:25 It makes about as much sense as a 2 story out house. That's the same as saying that we're going to resolve the pollution problem in Manila by not allowing anyone to drive for 2 days 🤣 And I'll bet a weeks salary that your next video posting will be informing everyone that the travel ban has been extended until further notice.

  8. GlamLux says:

    I lock nlng buong pinas ng isang buwan.. para mazero cases.. same lang kasi, unfair sa ibang countries na naka ban dto.. 🤦

  9. Rose Walton says:

    Thanks for the updates Terri…good job! Are former Filipinos (Balikbayan) still allowed to enter? Please let me know…thanks

  10. jonathan jucutan says:

    dapat if nega ang test result sa bahay na 14day hindi dapat 14bday sa facility at 14 day sa bahay. onli in the phil

  11. Jasper Abad says:

    Good day ma’am , how about outbound ma’am…I’m planning to go tourist it’s possible I can go out in philipines,which country I can go for tourist

  12. Michael Green says:

    Just a warning if you decide to come. The 14 day quarantine doesn’t start until the following day. I’m here in quarantine currently and was just informed of the information a week before I am suppose to get out. It’s 15 day quarantine and not 14

  13. Elder Dwayne Hull says:

    Hey Jennifer, want to know, are there many international flight leaving the Philippines, could foreigners over stay still in the Philippines, USA passport people.

  14. Chaitanya MODI says:

    Thanks for an update. I think govt is pursuing to achieve target of 195 / 195 countries to be banned and, set a world record.

  15. Lucky L.A says:

    Hello ma'am after 15 January it's can allow the Pakistan to travel there because I have Pakistani passport but my mother from Philippine and I have family in Philippine so it's will be not restricted for me plzzzz just tell me

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