46 thoughts on “Passengers Fail Take a look at on Costa Cruise Ship – Cruise Ship Information

  1. Steven Murphy says:

    This is insanity. According to The NY Times, the PCR tests have an up to 90 percent false positive rate. Masks are also part of the idiocracy. There isn’t one shred of evidence that they work against covid, and Infact, they’re harmful to your health. This is all part of the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset.” If you don’t know about it.. read up— because you’re all about to be tracked, traced, spied on, lose all your money and possessions, and be a prisoner in your own home. Time to expose this to everyone before its too late.

  2. Frances Fletcher says:

    Don i think you are a fantastic guy but you should stop this channel. You have no idea of what is going on and you are just focusing on the false reality. You are unwittingly agreeing to the agenda. Watch mikki wilsons plandemic.

  3. Ed Speece says:

    Don, I heard that Carnival ships were caught polluting and now have to get up to code and be certified 60 days before coming back into US waters. Have you heard anything about this?

  4. Frances Fletcher says:

    The tests are meaningless! Just a tool to keep shutting down society until the great reset is in place. People refuse the tests. Stay home if sick otherwise live your life. Forget about cruising until tests are no longer required. Wake up. Stop complying.

  5. Susan Schools says:

    What about false positives (see the MANY NFL false positives)? There should be a second test after a positive (with the cycle threshold noted if a PCR test is used). Asymp & PCR+ requires additional testing before removing them from the ship.

  6. Thom L says:

    I wonder if a determined incubation period for covid 19 has been determined. You know, the period where a person is infected but their body’s immune system hasn’t produced enough antibodies for the covid test to identify them as having contracted the virus.

  7. TheJm129 says:

    Tomorrow night "60 Minutes" is supposed to have a segment on how the CDC endangered lives in March by allowing those exposed to COVID who debarked from a cruise to get on commercial flights without any quarantine. Maybe they will find an imaginative way to push the blame to DJT.

  8. Lee Church says:

    Good news story. As don said it’s not that anyone could ever expect 0%. The key is whether the protocols work to contain it when it happens. Seems like it worked. Don’t like the protocols and restrictions? Don’t cruise, but with those protocols it can be made as safe as any other public space. Probably safer than the airport and flight to get to the cruise port.

  9. Bill Gray says:

    What a crock, you know what asymptotic means (not sick)… the test does not work. All this is based on a test that doesn’t work. Why does everyone still believe this stuff. Throw the testing in the bin..

  10. Dyno Don says:

    I'm going to end my COVID discussion on Don's channel with this. Personally, if low risk cruising junkies feel safe enough to cruise, let them. BUT. 14 day quarantine upon return and no suing anybody if you get sick. We let people skydive.

  11. Ariel Grumberg says:

    It is a disaster. They curtailed the cruise and they will not do any further contact tracing. It has nothing to do with France as there would be no issues returning as they are French!
    By the way the ship was at 60% capacity.
    7 positive people did not just happen overnight in perfect harmony to get COVID. The testing is partially flawed. There are no 3 tests or 4 tests contemplated by anybody.
    There will be no significant cruising this year and next spring.

  12. TONY C. says:

    Mask wearing will not be forever, and the reason why is simple: there will be no cruise lines left to cruise the way things are going.

  13. Sally Short says:

    Testing after an excursion is overkill. You won’t suddenly test positive because you were exposed an hour ago. It takes a couple days before testing positive after exposure. A better solution would be retesting everyone a number of days into the cruise like testing everyone on day 4 of a 7 day cruise. I’m willing to test before going on a cruise, but having to test again after an excursion is stupidity beyond science. I wouldn’t go on excursions if it was required and would highly consider skipping cruising altogether if it becomes a thing.

  14. Jimmy c says:

    Maybe the cruise lines should have like a drink package for testing.
    The virus testing pack. Limited to 15 tests per day.

  15. robbie anderson says:

    I think costa is doing fantastic. Honestly I would not be afraid to sale right now as long as everyone had been tested before they got to the ship, when they got on the ship and during the cruise

  16. Ann Jordan says:

    Thanks again Don it just makes me 🤔 if we will ever cruise 🚢 again it’s not which month now but which year ☹️that’s why I moved my cruise 🚢 from 2021 to 2022 hopefully by then we will once again be safe to cruise ☹️

  17. Beagle76 says:

    It was not close it hit the ship.I have seen in Victoria, Australia this week how quickly this virus spreads, it just takes 1 person to turn into 60 in a few hours but the big problem it does not show up in testing for 5 to 14 days. Listen to Dr Fauci on this one, this is dangerous, just listen to the stories of people who have really had it. I am not a doctor but I have listened to them over the years but Don is not a doctor either, so his opinion on testing is just that his opinion & just that. I have cancelled a 2 month European trip this year & have shelved plans for a New Zealand Cruise until things get back to normal.So no I am not staying at home.

  18. Mike A says:

    Would love to know the stats of how many have sailed without issue so far. With around 2k per ship it would have to be at least several tens of thousands easy. Also curious how many people were found to be infected and prevented from boarding at the very beginning of the cruise if the information happens to be public.

  19. Dyno Don says:

    STOP falling for the distraction of cases. Never before in history has an asymptomatic population been tested for viral disease. Remember people are only tested for flu if they exhibit symptoms. We have no clue how many asymptomatic cases of flu and other diseases there are every year.

    Remember in April the message was flatten hospitalizations and deaths. When that showed success, message pivoted to cases. This provides the ability to manipulate results by mass testing. More tests will always give you more cases. Throw in tricks like each time same person tests positive counts as a case. Covid is going to be around and spread like the flu and norovirus always has.

    Sorry for the rant. I just got tired of the poor cruisers not knowing the truth what is causing the extinction of your vocations and avocations. There is much more information but not right for Don's channel. STOP falling for the shiny object distraction. And it's not Trump.

    And now everybody back to your vantastic day!

  20. Joe Taylor says:

    My fear is that there is nothing humanly possible that can be done to allow groups of people to congregate. Let’s see if there are any other cases related to this cruise. We’ll see.

  21. Tina Swarovski says:

    There are people going against the government and opening up their shops, restaurants and gyms because the truth is out and doesn't make any sense! I say to cruise ships do the same thing if possible lol!

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