23 thoughts on “Park Metropolis Utah, The BEST mountain city! A journey Information.

  1. JSR says:

    I love going to Park City. It's one of the best mountain towns, but I think the best would have to be on the west coast. Park city is double land locked. Big Bear is my fav atm.

  2. 801 MOTO says:

    If you guys visit utah again in the warmer months….you need to take a drive up provo canyon! It'll take you up to deer creek state park & then to heber city & from heber you can loop back to park city. Beautiful canyon & deer creek is a beautiful lake to fish, kayak, paddle board, &/or swim. I live near the canyon & make the drive often when going camping.

  3. Will Mische says:

    just curious… never been to PC. If I don't have a car will visiting PC for a few days be worthless? thinking maybe in November.

  4. Duncan MacLeod says:

    It seems like Park City doesn't have inversion problems like other places in Utah.. Thinking about checking it out, out there..

  5. Jared Irmas says:

    Watched this video while trying to find the perfect long weekend getaway with the girlfriend. We were both sold immediately and now we've both returned today from a four-day weekend that included amazing weather and mountain views, bobsledding, romantic dinner at the scenic J&G Grill at St. Regis Hotel, a day of hiking in the Uintas, and plenty of beer. Plus a great find in Salt Lake City at Red Iguana Mexican restaurant. We had a blast and would not have done it without you guys! Thanks so much!

  6. Patrick 898 says:

    Visit all you want but please don’t move here. California’s are already destroying our housing market and way of life it’s sad. I have lived here for 32 years and I’m ready to go.

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