14 thoughts on “Newest Cruise Ship Information Royal Caribbean To Sail From Barbados Carnival's New Ship Disney Cancels

  1. Jame M says:

    Yeah, I think RCCL is trying to bypass the CDC, and honestly I don't blame them. Also, using Grandeur is a smart move. Its a smaller ship so it doesn't cost as much to operate (even if it doesn't have the same metrics when full) as a Voyager, Freedom or Oasis class ship, so if they can't fill her, that's less money they loose. Also, I've been on Grandeur, she's fine. Perfect for getting into smaller ports like St. Lucia and Grenada (well, maybe a bit large for Graneda, but there is always tendering). I also use to fly regularly into Barbados, they used to see a lot of 747's from Europe, and the US carriers had regular flights down there, and I think they stocked a bunch of them down there now to dodge COVID closures. I think this experiment will work out.

  2. Kevin grace says:

    I can’t wait to start cruising again!! I’m so used to going on 4-5 cruises a year it just feels like forever but I know a lot of people have never been and have been planning their trips for years. It’s worth the wait!

  3. Jiminy Cricketer says:

    The new variants of covid are much easier to transmit. This means that travel becomes much more risky, particularly air travel and cruising (experts consider cruising very risk). Forget cruising if covid becomes an annual event like the flu or colds. That would mean a new vaccine every year or more often.

  4. freda cuneo says:

    The Grandeur was one of the few ships that could operate out of Baltimore due to the low bridges around the harbor. I'm glad to see her getting possible work. I'm worried that the way things are going that the Sea Dream business model may be the only one that survives through this mess. Cruising for the everyday person may be nothing but a fond memory to pass on to our grand-kids.

  5. Howard Green says:

    Great video but I think if royal carribean sends the oasis down there they would give the p&o a run for their money.

  6. Patty Legace says:

    Justeen TrueDope and Sleepy Creepy Joe, along with the Centers for Destroying Cruising, will ensure us peons and Neanderthals don’t go cruising, or doing any travelling for all of 2021. The slow rollout of the vaccine, both here and in the USA , will ensure we are still under the tight grip of the Davos-Great Reset crowd.

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