1. A Whitney says:

    Just lost a fan and subscriber. You are not a medical doctor, Scare tactics of “someone breathing in your vicinity could do you in is ridiculous. Yes, it is real. I have lost two people to COVID, but we cannot live in fear. tTake precautions, wear a mask, and social distance. As far as socialized medicine, ask the citizens who live it what it is really like. Your age determines your “worth “.

  2. John Simons says:

    Bruce gets more views by airing negative videos. Its his MO.
    The truth is that cruising with enhanced covid protocol is safer / cleaner now than most other venues.
    Double testing will be key to safe sailing in 2021.
    Proof of vaccination required in 2022.

  3. Nightcrawlerfive says:

    If any cases on a cruise ship halts that ship cruising, you can't really have cruises then. Because it's unrealistic to think that they'll be able to stop every case. There will be at least occasional cases on any cruise ship.

  4. Drone View says:

    Denied debarkation at a port of call, you become a 'persona non grata'

    Denied debarkation at your home port, you become a 'persona quarantina prisonera'

    Remember the Diamond Princess, Grand Princess, and Rotterdam…

  5. David Blackwell says:

    I firmly believe that all of the folks who are so eager to "get back to cruising" have absolutely no idea of what the actual "new" cruise experience will entail. There will be very few, if any, resemblances to their experiences of past cruises. Movements, gatherings, shopping, dining, entertainment, paths of travel to and from venues and cabins, etc., will all be strictly monitored and controlled by overseeing staff. After a few days of "being on vacation" under the restrictions embodied in the health protocols and the "shine" of being out at sea on a cruise wears off, it is an inevitable trait of human nature for passengers (and perhaps crew) to become highly disgruntled and resentful. In a wicked sort of way, I am grateful that there are so many enthused cruisers with highly pent-up urges to go cruising. This means that we won't have to wait long before the cruise vlogs on YouTube start to flow with feedback from the first adopters, and it ain't gonna be pretty. I am not even including the possibility of infections or an outbreak in my estimate. If the virus (or any widespread sickness, i.e. Norovirus) enters the fray, then the situation will be like a snowball headed for hell. I am certainly not a financial wizard (and my retirement accounts prove it) but I feel very wise to opt for full refunds for my three cruises that were cancelled. Future Cruise Credit certificates may end up to be of zero value.

  6. wayne galvin says:

    The numbers might be high but there is better testing and more of it. When you have more testing you will have more cases.

  7. Wayne E says:

    I was going to subscribe to your channel until you started with the inaccurate political opinions. I can get them elsewhere. No thank you.

  8. Tommo Wh says:

    We all keep talking about the false positives but do you know that the best tests also give an average of 30% FALSE negative results so some positive cases
    are always going to turn up .It is just not safe to cruise

  9. litehouz70 says:

    Sorry bruce…one thing you're wrong about…this virus can't be beat…not sure if a vaccine will work…but that's the only thing that will work at this point

  10. Dave C says:

    This situation happened in Europe where the ports of embarkation have stringent safety protocols in place. Imagine what will happen here in Florida, where the governor has allowed bars and restaurants to full capacity…packed with unmasked patrons! The results will be disastrous…resulting in the re-closure of cruising INDEFINITELY!

  11. IPO says:

    An easy solution would be to insert an electronic Blue tooth enabled rectal thermometer 🌡 into the ass of every passenger on that ship. Body temperatures would be monitored by the medical staff on the ship. Anyone on the cruise found with a fever would be banned to a barge that would be towed behind the ship.

  12. The People's Republic of San Francisco says:

    Some people just wanna hear what sounds good to them. Keep on reporting Bruce. You do an amazing job 👍🏽

  13. shaherah summerhill says:

    Bad news is like Viagra to Bruce lol he gets so excited about the doom and gloom.

    Even good news he makes it depressing lol

  14. Honolulu Blue says:

    Thanks Bruce. IMHO, big ship cruising in Europe is living on borrowed time. It's just a matter of who hits the big red button first.

  15. Lee Scher says:

    With so much bad news about Covid 19 and the Cruise Industry, we cancelled our Princess Cruises to Alaska May 2021 and Caribbean Dec 2021 and we were REFUNDED WITHIN A WEEK. Thanks Bruce for keeping it real!

  16. Lonnie Christopher says:

    ……This is endless…..you go to take a relaxing 7 day cruise around the Caribbean, only to find out on the 6th day you are denied the upcoming port because 1 person shows up (+)…….ridiculous…!!

  17. Exploring EMPTY Ships says:

    There is a ton of misinformation (guided to pump cruise sales / bookings) desperately needed by the cruise lines to boost liquidity and float them through well into 2021 before any earnest re-start begins. The key metric to watch (for anyone serious about analyzing possible restarts) is crew movement – there has been next to no preparation in earnest to begin mobilizing crew, the exception being Quantum of the Seas. Once crew mobilization begins then it would be reasonable to ramp up and restart speculation for resumption of cruises – it will generally lead by 4 to 6 weeks as a rough estimate.

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