32 thoughts on “Keep Away From Cruise Ships – Cruise Ship Information

  1. karl petersen says:

    Good points Don, Unfair for those who like to cruise. I think cruise ships will have very strict rules and will be relatively safe in comparison to other businesses.

  2. Kat D says:

    The bottom line is that I don't see any countries that really want cruise ships anyway. Even though a few ships might go (small) who knows if they will dock and what you can really do.

  3. Barbara Flynn says:

    Don. More and more people are testing positive in the U.S.
    Seriously? Where are the ships going to launch from? Florida? Texas?
    This is not about the economy. We can address that. It's about a very lethal virus.
    Shame on you for ignoring facts. That's irresponsible. And I guarantee we're going back to a total shutdown nationwide.

  4. Angela Clark says:

    I was slagged if last week for saying we should bring cruising back. Wow. What is going on. I was told that cruise ships in port are causing cancers and that they are causing so many illnesses from pollution. I cannot wait to cruise again. I am British and am so fed up with cruising being blamed fo4 everything

  5. mike joerger says:

    If I was the cruise lines I'd all get together and file a lawsuit against Britain for intentionally trying to destroy the cruise industry

  6. Jonathan Turner says:

    Don I'm sick of all this anti cruise ships crap too and you have absolutely no reason to apologize for any thing you are saying…. you are sooooooo right on! Keep putting pressure on them to give us all a reason for their stupidity… keep it up)!

  7. dustyd48 says:

    They should just let us cruise even it we die. After all its our decision what to do with our life's. Protest time let us on the cruise ship its clean. My husband and I will be glad to take a chance. My stocks are crashing due to the health authorizes.

  8. Mark D says:

    Don, I appreciate your zeal on this matter…However, speaking to us cruisers(the choir) isn't effective. We already agree.
    Masks/distancing? Bars, churches, beaches, eateries…
    Do the airlines require a 'hold harmless signature?', upon boarding, or the fine print?
    Rant? No apologies are accepted. Some of my soapboxes have crumbled.
    The Diamond Princess got caught with their pants down, who could predict? Troubles developed quickly while at sea. What to do? All ports are closed. What do we do?
    BREAKING NEWS! BREAKING NEWS! BREAKING NEWS! The event was over media-ated.
    Troubling? Yes, of course. There were no mall shoot-ups, no protests, riots, or other high profile events, ie: 'If it bleeds, it leads.' On to the next crisis. Mr. trump is tweeting.
    My soapbox is complaining, but no apologies.

  9. Perry Weeks says:

    The whole thing a lie to begin with? It's only to take business out. And take over. It happens every 100 years

  10. Gett Wetter says:

    Interesting to hear about the airlines not enforcing the masks.

    I think it would be quite simple to enforce it: Use video surveillance, and anyone not drinking or eating who takes off the mask for more than 5 minutes will be banned from that airline, even from their flight back, and they will not receive their money back.

    Further more, I am just waiting for the first one who catches the virus and sues the airline for not enforcing the rules (which they use in advertisings in order to make people fly again!!!).
    Using the corona-apps there even is a good chance of proving that someone caught the virus from its seat neighbour.

  11. Kimberley Robb says:

    Just stop with the ranting. People should want to help there local economy and have Staycations. It's still way to soon for any travelling the virus is still to active in alot of countries.

  12. Ricky Bharwani says:

    The only reason CDC is not concerned about cruise ship industries is because these companies are not registered in USA .
    People should support cruiseline because atleast they don't depends on hard earn tax dollars for their bailout.

  13. Tina Swarovski says:

    Plotting and planning, let's see what they have in store for us! I agree with everything your saying Don!

  14. Wendy Koek says:

    Cruising has been paused until 17th September here in Australia and I am waiting to see what happens and will know then as well people in the travel industry have been losing their jobs here too and travel agents been closed up too and lots of businesses have been closed up too.

  15. Carol Scott says:

    Using a US flight is not a great example because the wearing of masks in the US seems to have become a political issue and not a health issue. I haven’t flown in Canada yet, but I hope that flights in our country do enforce the face mask rule. I believe that most Canadian airports also enforce the use of face masks.

  16. Janice Hart says:

    Of course we agree with you. However, you live in Canada, and your borders are not even open yet!! What about your own government? I flew to Vegas 3 weeks ago, no middle seats were used on the plane, everyone wore masks unless eating/drinking and the attendants kept checking to make sure people wore them. Frankly, I am dying to go on my first cruise. Will I go while mask use is mandated? No. That's not fun for me. When I was in Vegas, masks were suggested but not mandatory yet. Good hand washing and social distancing helped keep us safe. 22 of us went – to attend a wedding – and no one got sick. As long as masks are mandatory, my leisure time will be spent doing other things.

  17. chrystal smith says:

    casinos have opened at 25 % in the usa none are open in canada so cruise lines should to has far has flying my sister went from windsor to new Brunswick had to quarintine 14 days

  18. john bevan says:

    Would you like to pay thousands for a cruise and not have the usual activities or be able to dock in a foreign port with out loads of medical checks

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