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  1. Taj Shaikh says:

    As per Indian population corona cases in India are less than 5%. Our government should notify this ratio to Saudi Arabia. And Make friendly request them to start flight from India to Saudi.
    Otherwise other countries will also stop operating flights to and from India. Ministers pls open ur eyes

  2. Taj Shaikh says:

    So sad that Saudi Arabia suspended flights from India to Saudi.
    Our gov should talk to them and make the life easy for workers.
    Passengers r travelling with negative Pcr test report than there should b no ptoblem to operate the flights like UAE , Bahrain, Qatar , Muscat .
    If in India corona cases will not drop till end of next year 2021 than Saudia will not start the flight till 2021?

    Our civil aviation ministry should make sn effort to talk to Saudi Gov immediately and should not wait till October.
    Saudi allowed Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Philipines also where there are still more cases as per their population.

  3. sajal sarkar says:

    When Sydney to Mumbai airindia flights will start next? Last time tickets are not available.
    Singapur air lines from Sydney to Singapore is running already, when Singapore to India starting ? Can we go by this to India. Kindly provide fare for different flight

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