23 thoughts on “FOR FOREIGNERS WHO WANTS TO ENTER THE PHILIPPINES (Journey Replace) Good & Dangerous Information

  1. paul usa says:

    Another greatly post our government USA sent 19 million US dollars to help I hope this helps with opening and bringing Philippines back.

    May God bless you and your family keep up the good work

  2. klosdder cn says:

    so ang foriegn bawal pa talaga pumasok sa pinas hinde rin pwede mah apply ng tourist visa gush my hubby want to come here na we been waiting for this so sad 😢

  3. Margarita Sevillano says:

    I am a filipino, wife of an filipino citizen & with kids a filipino. I just changed my nationality last 2014 to spanish citizen. Every year i go back home to visit them. In short i am only the one here working for them. So still i cant go home?

  4. coolsweat67 Masbate island says:

    Foreners not allowed ok, BALIKBAYAN VISA STAMP not allowed either. My wife and children are waiting for me to fly back to manilla. 1O MONTHS STILL WAITING TO FLY.

  5. Kevin One says:

    Ms. Jen, what are the requirements for inbound travel from US to Philippines for Filipino who’s recovered from covid?
    Will I still swab? Or just swab and show them my papers that proves my recovery because doctors said I would still have traces of the virus but I’m non infectious meaning results can be positive. I just don’t want to have to quarantine another 14 days in manila if I’ve recovered.

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