42 thoughts on “Cruise Ships might be Prepared in 30 Days – Cruise Ship Information

  1. Bryan Cozzaglio says:

    So, I test negative at home, get to the port and their test shows positive and I’m denied boarding. Does the cruise line refund my money or am I just out of luck?

  2. HS Letts says:

    It is irrelevant, if you are Canadian there is a 14 day quarantine still in play. So until they get rid of that Canadians will not be cruising out of the US it’s really that simple.

  3. Dozier Shaw says:

    What about the logistics of testing a thousand or so cruisers on embarkation day? How does the cruise line ensure that your test doesn’t get mixed up with another persons test? Then they have to retest some passengers which takes time. Then they have to refuse boarding for maybe a handful which again takes time. Ship might leave port at 9 pm. A new process takes time to iron out the kinks. Just don’t see the appeal of being the first to sail.

  4. Gordon Rebello says:

    Wife and I are expecting that our cruise sailing out of Port Canaveral in mid December will be a go. We responded to the CDC request for input on sailing that just ended on 9/21. Our opinion was local short cruises would be a great start to test the protocols. We told them the system is already in place in Europe that could be adopted in the USA. Short cruises of less than 5 days would most likely be people living within driving distance and less airline interaction. Short cruises to cruise lines private islands would mean no island interaction. We're snow birds living next to the cruise port, so will drive to the port, everyone gets tested and temp screened prior to boarding. We're Loyal Royals and 2 of the stops are at their private island and one stop at Nassau that could have just ship only excursions. The ship will not be full, so all protocols on the ship could easily be implemented. We told them that the amusement parks and hotels were allowed to open at less capacity and with following protocols we got through the summer with no problems. We know because we own a Motel across from an amusement park and we made the best out of this horrible situation. My final opinion to the CDC was it doesn't have to be all or nothing. It's all about balancing the control of Covid-19 and slowly starting up business without bankrupting an industry. It's not our dream cruise, but just stepping on a cruise ship after all of this would be like getting a drink of water after crossing the Sahara desert.

  5. Jonathan Pardoe says:

    Hi Don, well, Im not having a fantastic day as I have just seen the devastating news of the coronavirus claiming more lives in the UK than the previous day and infections are now at 6500 new cases as from yesterday , up 2000 from the day before and I note that the virus is rampant in the USA  with 200, 000 people now dead . this is not a misprint  200k people and they still have no idea what the virus dynamics are .  Do you or your viewers seriously expect to go on a cruise boat ever again ? Is it not selfish to risk overwhelming the medical services should anything go wrong  , is it really worth it ?    No of course its not .   Carnival and co are going to join the Titanic at the bottom, that's right …sunk  because people in masses is what the bug is hunting .     To stand any chance of survival , Carnival and the rest of the industry should mothball their boats until the bug is beaten because the bug will just rub its hands and snear at anything in its path.

  6. Ungky Kurniawan says:

    But I still don’t get it, death tolls in the US currently has surpassed 200.000. Well if the CEOs major cruise lines are ready in 30 days in the meantime people are still dying, would you think the CDC is going to take off the no sail order? People are still dying from the covid 19 man, get a grip.

  7. Yshmael Judit says:

    So if less passenger and less crew are they going decrease also the salary of the crew? im a crew of oceania cruise thanks for the replay

  8. Eshwar Manne says:

    I am a crew member of carnival cruise lines, desperately waiting to serve you all. Currently I am at my home in India from past 7 months without any pay. i am really hoping that the CDC will come up with some positive news.

  9. foxyroxy931880 says:

    I work as a crew member for Royal Caribbean and would love to be back to work that soon haha however I just can’t see it happening. I can’t see the CDC approving the cruise lines to sail. Also Europe is at the start of a second wave, surely North America would follow, as it did last time. The cruise lines will not want to be running if a second wave is going on, it will be the same as last time.
    However, positive news, keeping things crossed. 🤞🏻

  10. Ricardo Gonzalez says:

    Hey Don! I am a crew memeber and we need to get a lot of paper and documents to board, since we have not worked for so long.. US C1 Visa and medical certificate to mention a couple, each document takes 3 weeks. So from my point of view, it will be really hard for cruise lines to be ready in 1 month. It is usually a long process for the crew…

  11. Uglymug says:

    I love cruising but this doesnt work for me i cant afford to get booted at a random port and stay for 14 days. No airline is letting you on their plane to return home. Also if i test positive just before cruise then what? Do i lose my money? I dont see cruising until this makes sense. Im firmly for masks but its not like anyone likes them. Wearing one all day except in my cabin….how fun 😒. Seems like cruising is out till a vaccine or something bet im not the only one thinking that.

  12. B Mc1 says:

    Happy New Year to 2021 And POSSIBLY Cruising. Also covid testing 5 days before ? Your lucky to get results back in time before getting to the terminal to be tested again. Not happening. So your spending lots of money and now you might have to shell out more of your own money for a covid test? Weird very weird.

  13. M- Nice says:

    I don't think anyone who is boarding the ships is even worried about the Corona virus otherwise they would not be going on a cruise. The cruise line needs to realize this and accommodate people by not and enforcing bogus rules on them. Stay safe and smart.

  14. KENT ROBINSON says:

    100 DEGREES IN THE SHADE How can your temperature NOT go up???
    So you are "HOT" that means you are "SICK" guilty till proven innocent???

  15. Matt Tadic says:

    Don I'm a crew member ,and I can tell you one thing once your contract ends, you are terminated nobody can guarantee you will return to your working place. All us got laid off in March.

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