1. Kirk Brunson says:

    Thanks for the video Bruce. I see the only chance for survival of cruising in the short term is suspending the Jones Act. Let them do no port cruising for at least 1 year.

  2. Paul Kearney says:

    The outlook is bleak. Here in the UK you need a mask to ride on a bus, so there's no prospect of cruises returning soon.

  3. Marty Finver says:

    I think the cruiseline s will survive but if they have to reorganize their common shares of stock may be worth of pennies on the dollar. Any thing such as passenger refunds and lenders priority shares of stock will be ok.

  4. Webster Mitchell says:

    Wanted to add of course we are the the MERCY OF THE CDC and will of course be waiting until THEY decide to allow the cruise industry to resume

  5. Lane of Roses says:

    I love your Channel. It's a real eye opener.. A Caribbean cruise would be a dream come true for me someday. Some of these ships you show are gorgeous inside. Maybe when Cruise's start up again there will be incredible incentive packages available. I know you will keep me in the loop.

  6. Jeremy Andrews says:

    I ask the same rhetorical question … What happens when liquid money runs out? Do they print more ? How much money is out there for the taking, and how much finagling does one have to do to access liquid money ? Either way Now or in 2021, this is not going to end well at all.

  7. Webster Mitchell says:

    ALL flights resumed into the US Virgin Islands, American Air has added flights, flights are FULL and prices are going up for our up coming season. The hotels/resorts are AT THIS moment 80% occupancy and looking at sold out numbers for the holidays. Our government has stated IT IS going to stay open as our cruise ports are getting ready to receive ships as as January. Just saying Bruce, your numbers/information might be a little skewed 😊

  8. Jiminy Cricketer says:

    Cruise stocks are tanking at the moment. The 2020 Europe season is not likely and Alaska turns on Canada deciding to allow ships and Americans. The best bet is a startup of Caribbean sailings in the Spring. What will happen to all those cruise ships if bankruptcy happens? JP Morgan cruises?

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