1. symph2000 says:

    This is one of the most underrated Philippine travel vlogs channel here in youtube . This deserves at least a million subscribers!

  2. tony hutchinson says:

    what did you think of bamboo beach house in Alegria? i thought it was a nice laid back place and the food was great, my wife and i stayed there in early February 2020. great video, pity i didn't find your channel before i went to Cebu, lol

  3. fred bigornia says:

    I was born in Cebu and really impress with most white foreigners travel and had more adventure than the locals and date or married Asian Women..Maybe it is a trend but hardly see any Filipino local men with white girls.

  4. Scott McGough says:

    another white guy from america to go and have sex with these beautiful people … Sex is for marriage and not for your own sexual selfish desires.. seek God and Jesus

  5. eric coyle says:

    Human na mi kuya ( after we get older ), your already done for today, (you translated to english), saying in tagalog would mean the same thing ? would appreciate your comment, and a great vlog re the vasayas region, I have been a few times to Moal Boal, but will also check out other highlights ,you have noted, next time, good work !

  6. Rene Alcasid says:

    Cody, you may want to get a job from Dept of Tourism and you can be a tour guide eventually. I watched all your vlog like Cebu, So. Leyte, Bohol and you are great about talking on where to go and the do's and dont

  7. Al Cline says:

    Oslob was a RIP off. They required three days of training to swim with the whale sharks. The ferry guys were unwilling to refund the money to take you there when in reality they went to the training island to return the trainees.

    This scam was the only one of only two I ran into in my two weeks in these lovely islands.

  8. Just me own the day says:

    Mabuhay Cebu I love Cebu! Halo Halo is delicious. Thanks for sharing friend and new friend here stay connected

  9. Mn On says:

    I dont want to put u at risk so research saftwy, but travel vlogs have featured Mindanao. Maybe you can to? If you are going to revist oodt covid and the 2nd American civil war if u survive.

  10. Philip Soon says:

    Love your presentation and narration. Wanted to find out more about this part of the Philippines for a 2020 trip, but looks like it’s not going to happen until all this pandemic is over😟

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