41 thoughts on “BOMBONA – THE BEST ZONE IN MEDELLIN !!!! Antioquia, Colombia October 2020 [FULL TOUR]

  1. MC H says:

    Hi Rami ,if you still in medellin you should go to San Antonio de Prado is A small town but with beautiful areas ,people even mountains is not that far i recommended 100% thanks for the vid.

  2. Yuliana Mazo says:

    We're practically neighbors! I like it when foreigners prefer to stay in areas of the city like "centro", I think it's a more authentic way to get to know the city instead of staying in the usual places like Poblado or Laureles.

  3. G. H says:

    Dude thank you for your video but this area is ghetto no it all the best Medellin Zone it all…..I mean everybody has different standards but this area is not the best of Medellin 100%.

  4. Catalina Garcia says:

    Cuando vallas a hacer algo construntivo asesorate bien de las direcciones q vas a mostrar somos un pais normal como todo el mundo y el q biene aca no se quiere ir de medellin hay cosas muy bonitas para mostrar porq siempre muestran lo feo pero les encanta ir a esos citios por w sera

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