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  1. Timezone Junkies says:

    Our favourite road trip (if you can call it a road trip) was hitchhiking 23,000 kilometres from Thailand to Spain. Many cars, many adventures and lots of nature 😊

    Now we’re converting a van in Spain and are hoping for lots of cool road trips around Europe next year.

    When are you planning on building your home on wheels? Maybe we’ll do a road trip together next year 😊😊😊

  2. Russell Chapman Esq. says:

    I've done road trips in South Africa and Namibia and the Pacific Coast Highway. But in Europe an interesting one I did was from the Orava region of Slovakia down to Athens in Greece, going through, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia and then into Greece. How the country changes, from alpine to hot. Southern Serbia (south of Nis) and into Macedonia surprised me the most, really beautiful country and the line where the European climate regions change, from temperate to hot is most noticeable, for me anyway.

  3. Lenz says:

    hi nice video, i live in the near of the black forest so its my home. i must say u have show all nice spots, but u missed the ,,Feldber'' and the ,,Triebergerwasserfäller'' (waterfals)

  4. Omer says:

    My favorite road trip was through Andalucia region in Spain. Starting in Malaga then going through Ronda, Gibraltar, Seville, Cordova, and up to Madrid.

  5. John and Cara Retired Travellers says:

    Fabulous video! We just did a road trip through the beautiful state Tennessee USA! You’ll love the people and the food! Lots of pork bbq! Ha! 😍

  6. TooNice2BeMe says:

    the black forest in summer is just amazing – nice views and its not too hot so its just perfect
    but what i like even more is when you come in autum and you are out with the last hour of sunlight, it gets foggy maybe a small rain starts and you walk around the outsides of a smaller vilage maybe even go into the forest – thats just magical but dont forget your hot tea when you come back because that just makes the experience

  7. AufsMaulwurf says:

    If you are in Black forest again, you have to visit the schluchsee, which is the biggest lake in Black Forest, and climb one of the southern mountain like the Belchen or the Herzogenhorn!

  8. Levi Marks says:

    If you find yourselves on the east side of the US check out the Blue Ridge Parkway and be sure to stop off in the city of Asheville.

  9. b4yma says:

    Maybe the next time, when you visit Germany, you have a ride to the south-west of Germany…Palatinate! Here you can visit the Palatinate Forest, with stunning ruins of hundreds of Castles, have a meal in the biggest vine-barrel of the World, Visit the castle where King Richard the Lionheart was imprisoned and hear his servant Blondel sing…and enjoy the Vine. https://www.deutscheweinstrasse-pfalz.de/

  10. Grauen says:

    I was blown away by the advertising in front of your video (of course from your video too). But I'm from Münsterland a region in north-west Germany and the advertising was about to travel to Münsterland. Didn't know that my region has this kind of advertising. So, now it is easy for me to mention a destination for a road trip: of course it is Münsterland. And if you want to do it like a true Münsterländer you make this road trip by bike. Don't miss all the Wasserschlösser (castles surrounded by water) that are typical for this region and of course the beautiful capital of this region Münster with the Prinzipalmarkt.

  11. freudsigmund72 says:

    Best drives I've done so far are the obvious highway 1 in California (do it in southerly direction) – The Rim of the world highway (also California) from San Bernardino to Joshua tree NP – and lastly a drive from Hell-bourg to Cilaos on the island of Réunion. The towns are located a mere 8 km apart, but the route by car will take a minimum of 120 km (and you must do a detour to the Piton de la fournaise).

  12. Peter Becker says:

    I'm asking myself right now, if (as liverpool-fans) you have visited Glatten as well, which is the town where jurgen klopp has grown up and his parents are still living.

  13. Mark Edgecombe says:

    The Best Mussels in the World 👍 On your way back up, go to Oostende in Belgium and go to the last authentic fishermans restaraunt/bar called "Het Mosselhuis" Sofie runs front of house, Luc is the chef… its not posh, its authentic, you will love it.. Luc is my cousin he and Sofie will look after you 👍

  14. Duke of Speed says:

    You guys should visit the RUHRGEBIET! There is so much culture and nature it will blow you away. There is so much so see, you guys can make easy 5 episodes. Back then the Ruhrgebiet was kind of like Manchester was, but it changed completely.

  15. Stephanie Kohlund says:

    I'm living in the Black Forest. And for me, the most beautyfull time is late autumn. The colorfull leaves and foggy days gives this time a very special feeling.

  16. Portly Travellers says:

    In Canada a small feminine car is called a 'Tupperware car.' We have 2 favourite road trips. 1) Scotland, we did Kintyre Peninsula to Skye to Stirling. It was spectacular. 2) Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Go from Vancouver to Victoria then up the coast of the island.-Shawna🍁

  17. Psychphüq says:

    4:20 When Alex accidentally falls in to a fun trap in the English language… Awe vs Ore 🙂

    4:55 Loooooove me some schwarzwälder kirschtorte…
    Sour cherries & sweet cream give balance… Kirsch brandy adds fun… 🙂

  18. GIRTH BROOKS says:

    As long as you're having a good time in that open top car who cares what other people think. This coming from an American man who drives jacked up big tire macho 4×4 trucks👍😉

  19. Joan Hall says:

    So beautiful . It reminds me of Oregon. Are the trees pines?? they look more like some type of fir. I love to hear about the birds, but would also love if you could talk about flowers , plants, and trees.

  20. Matt Miller says:

    One of my favorite drives (also happens to be really close to me) is around the Finger Lakes region in New York. Beautiful lakes surrounded by wineries, especially awesome in the Fall when the leaves are changing. A must try is the Concorde Grape Pie, never seen it anywhere else but here

  21. Prometheus says:

    "bademeister" (in german.. "life guard" bath guard master) do not insult the Dutch people… they living in the netherlands and not in germany … my ancestors came from the Netherlands… Jansen my name . "Eigentor " ) … groeten naar Nederland ,-) .. ich liebe die Holländer, mache da Urlaub an der wunderschönen holländischen Nordseeküste! )) Kuss in die Niederlande … kus naar Nederland ))))

  22. scott a says:

    You guys are on an absolute roll . 😊😊😊 Saw Stuttgart on the map you showed ..i mentioned after the last vlog that I have family roots there. Regardless of your plans , I am along for the ride and enjoying every mile😃

  23. Richard Mendell says:

    Also, I found your description of a German cake in typically English Franglish amusing, although understandable, given that "Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte" doesn't exactly roll of the English speaking tongue. 😉

  24. Richard Mendell says:

    Lots of great road trips in the US. Classics like the Pacific Coast Highway from LA to Oregon and countless routes through the Rocky Mountains, as well as lesser known routes, in New England and the Carolinas.

  25. Rachel R says:

    I am from the Black Forest xD it's great to see other people explore these woods that I used to play in as a kid. it was just kinda normal but you are right we should appreciate the nature where ever we are because there is beauty everywhere to be found.
    you should visit Freiburg, it is a city a little bit further south at the edge of the Black Forest. It is the sunniest city in Germany and is very unique and has great vibes.

  26. Demy B. says:

    Are you guys going to visit the Burg Hohenzollern and Konstanz ? ALso if you like areas like Black FOrest with amazing nature you should visit once Thüringer Wald (Eisenach, Ilmenau), Harz (Wernigerode, Gosslar, Quedlinburg, Brocken) and Erz (Basteibrücke, Dresden, Pirna)

  27. OlloDee says:

    I've been all over Europe und found many astonishing places everywhere. Isle of Skye is fabulous, or Connemara in Ireland.. I love the Dolomites or Pyrenees just for example.
    But the best road trip I've seen so far is in Fiordland Norway. Start in Kristiansund and take the 64 down the Atlanterhavsveien. Then all the way south to Trollstiegen, probably the most terrific road in whole Europe. Keep on the 63 to see Ørnevegen and Dalsnibba. If you are lucky with the weather this is the best day trip of your life.

  28. T Linkes says:

    Hope you had time to enjoy Baden Baden. It's one of the most beautiful spa towns ever. If its open, go to the Caracalla Therme Spa and you have to check out the casino and the walk up the mountain is amazing! Another great little town to visit is Strasbourg. It's part of France now but was part of Germany. The. great thing about this town is the German Architecture mixed in with the French culture and food.

  29. Debra Chewning says:

    If you get a chance, go on a volksmarch. You can see some spectacular scenery and get a medal for finishing it. We loved going on them when we lived in the Nuremberg area 1976 – 1980. Check out Linderhof Castle. A mini castle with fantastic grounds.

  30. Russell Chapman Esq. says:

    Roadtrip I did. Slovakia – Hungary – Serbia – Macedonia – Greece. You go from Alpine to semi-desert and sea. Southern Serbia and Macedonia are gorgeous. Macedonia charges you 50 euro to drive through their country. Greece has expensive toll roads on the motorways

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