29 thoughts on “24 Hours in London Journey Information

  1. MIQ Vision says:

    You woke up at Citizen M Hotel Tower gate and had coffee from Hamsted Heath 9am ??? Two places are far . It should take your half of the day to arrive there !!! It is true . Is both scene on the same morning 😂

  2. Alex Phoenix says:

    As a Londoner, this is one of the best postcards of London I've seen. In less than 20 minutes it's impressive the amount of amazing spots you were able to show. You also make people curious to explore more. Including myself. A true Londoner never mingles with tourists and avoid tourist areas (it's partially true, but we love to say that). Cheers (it means both "Hi" and "Thank you" here).

  3. Stefan Voß says:

    As a potential visitor I would like to know the prices for the different events. In addition to that a map with your chosen locations would have been very helpful. It's an average video, but I've seen many better ones.

  4. Kenneth Thompson says:

    Larndon Tarn me ol' china! Take your plates of meat up the apples and pears to the 'Amstead Heef!! Be careful though..there's feeves in London Tarn!! Steal ya tea 'n' come back for the sugar!!

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