48 thoughts on “10 Issues to do in Valencia, Spain Journey Information

  1. Lt Columbo's Glass Eye says:

    Booked to go to Valencia in the middle of June, but the Virus took hold, hopefully i can get there soon. Nice Video

  2. Ana Casanova says:

    Todas las maravillas actuales de Valencia, se han hecho gracias a políticos,inteligentes, soñadores y futuristas. Los cuales tuvieron muchas críticas durante años.
    La misma acción que los faraones de Egipto,y ahora disfrutamos de las pirámides.

  3. Ana Casanova says:

    Con las tapas ya no se come más todo eso es para 6 personas, picar solo, no podréis con la paella.
    Con la chufa y las almendras se hace "leche" buenísima para las diarreas y problemas de estómago, hígado e intestino. Es buenísima.Bebida de reyes de Valencia.

  4. 123benny4 says:

    The paella I had in Valencia was awful. Loved the Turia Gardens and the futuristic architecture. Loved biking along the park. Went to a jazz performance, and the Spanish don't know jazz. You have to be careful when taking the train there're two stations. Having a beach really was appealing.

  5. GONSOMETAL says:


    La Fideuá is not from Alicante, it is originally from Gandia, a small tourist town 65 km south of Valencia along the coast. In the area of ​​Alicante is typical "Arroz a banda" is like Fideuá but with rice. In the Valencian Community there are many different dishes with rice, but the most famous is paella. Greetings from Spain, I really liked the video, you are very nice and friendly, you will always be welcome.

  6. Luis A. Enriquez Garcia says:

    Muy buen video! Visite valencia en septiembre y fue toda una pasada! Muy buena lista🥰 hice un pequeño video también sobre mi visita 🥰🥰

  7. Beata Aleksiejuk says:

    Amazing video about Valencia ! I love that city. nd your travel channel is great ! 😀
    I also made videos about amazing Valencia for my Youtube channel 😀

  8. Cynthia Fong says:

    Can you tell me the name of the restaurant that you have in paella the est you eat at video 7.33 ?
    Do we need to buy ticket if we just walk outside the art and science museum?

  9. Lori McPherson says:

    There are a lot more descriptive words than awesome and great. Doesn't provide information. Get a vocabulary, describe attractions rather than sound like Bill and Ted on an EXCELLENT adventure.

  10. Max Explorer says:

    Oh Men. Another boring video with people who are obsessed with food and drink. (Or just don’t know a different way to shoot a video).

  11. GraceT's Traveladventures says:

    Hi Sam and Audrey, thank you for this awesome video. What is the name of the Tapas restaurant you went too please right at the beginning of the video. Am keen to try it. Currently in Valencia now

  12. Destructor78 says:

    Os Faltó visitar la plaza redonda, la playa y el parque natural de la Albufera, pero no se puede ver todo en dos dias, buen video.

  13. globaltraveller says:

    I’m having a bit of a Spanish theme to travel at the moment and visited Seville at the new year. As I’ve some work time off at the start of March I’ve decided to head to Valencia and Madrid and of course had to come here and see if you guys had any recommendations of what to do and, importantly, where and what to eat!! And of course you did so many thanks for this. It looks like a lovely city and will sure be warmer than Edinburgh in March! PS have you guys visited Seville? Great city with so many little bodegas and tapas places and so little time haha 😂

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